Ctrlr On the Web

This page provides unofficial binaries and other resources for Ctrlr.

The 5.6.23 binaries were kindly built by Sjoerd W. Bijleveld (website) and it provides some additional functionality to the latest official release (5.3.201), including VST3 support.

Note that 5.6.23 do not throw errors in protected mode like some of the other builds (at least in Windows), so if your code isn't error free, it may crash and take down your host.  I recommend using assert and pcall to create your own protected calls in your code as ctrlr doesn't always enforce protected mode, and apparently the vst architecture doesn't either.

If you wish to compile it yourself, Sjoerd has created a detailed guide here.

The old webpage and forums still have a wealth of information and can be found here - https://ctrlr.org

Most discussion takes place at github now.

In the future we'll supply shortcuts to other ctrlr resources, and some code snippets for common tasks.

Additional notes for Windows VST3

I had to add a link in Project -> Properties -> C/C++ -> General in the first line (include paths) to the vst3sdk.  This is for the vst3. 

Note for OSX

From the github discussions 


On Mac this version of CTRLR did also crash immediately, but after emptying the ctrlr folder in 'users/yourhomefolder/library/preferences/ctrlr/' all went well, also with panels having much Lua stuff. So this may also help if you are on windows. But beware: before you do this, save your panel(s) as bpanelz with resources because, on Mac for sure, in that folder are also the resources and they also get deleted. How to find this folder on Windows, see discussion #188. Of course I'm not sure if this is the cure, so it can go wrong!