K2x00 Remote

V1.0.4 Beta Released

This software is currently in development and replicates the front panel of the K series instruments. This can be run from within your DAW as a VST or AU, or as standalone software.  All communications is over MIDI as Sysex.  Downloads are free.

At this stage we will do our best to support Intel Macs, M1 based OSX will need to wait.  Windows VST and Standalone will be available. We are aware of some issues with the current AU version, where you can't switch skins.  This shouldn't affect operation for the K2000, K2500 and K2600, though you won't be able to control the KSP8.  We are working on a fix for this.

Some of the planned features for this are to provide sliders and buttons as on the keyboard versions, to allow sliders and buttons to be mapped to your DAW. There is still some work to be done on optimizing the MIDI bandwidth.

Note that this may show up as Ctrlr in your plugins list (confirmed in Cakewalk).

If it doesn't run on OSX you may need to run this command from terminal


chmod +x /Applications/K2x00R.app/Contents/MacOS/K2x00R


Stay tuned for more...

Additional Screenshots