Typo3 Image Spacing

Typo3 V 4.5.19 and Templavoila V 1.4.4

I’ve had a problem for quite a while with some TemplaVoila templates where images would push elements following them down below the left menu.  I’m pretty sure it’s a “div” or clearing issue, but I’ve found a neat workaround if you have this issue.

In the template, click “Edit Whole Template”, and then go to the Includes Tab.  Change the In the Include Static (from extensions), selected items window, remove the CSS Styled Content TYPO3 extension and add CSS Styled Content v3.8.

For me, this fixes the image spacing problem.  I haven’t worked out exactly what is causing the issue, but all of the CSS Styled Content, apart from v 3.8 seem to cause it.

Note that I am running TV 1.4.4 in Typo3 V 4.5.19, and several other extensions (that may be old, so it could be held over from them.

I’ll update the extensions, when I find time to go through the updates in detail (before applying) and post back if it fixes the problem.