Times of The Sines

Times of The Sines (previously Time of the Signs) was created in 2017 and is a culmination of XLander v LD120. James Side and Jason Fewings started performing under this name in Perth, Western Australia at local experimental and small dance events. Their brand of music is groove infused techno with elements of trance and industrial, built without computers in a completely DAWless, freeform performance. Crunchy beats, screaming leads and the all important bass drive, fuse together in a high energy evolving soundscape.

EP's and Singles

Man v Machine

Man v Machine

Released: 17 July 2020

Pulsecodes (Mucho Rapido Mix)

Pulsecodes (Mucho Rapido Mix)

Released: 13 July 2021

The First Sign

The First Sign

Released: December 12, 2020

Appears On

Compilation - Cognition 303

Compilation - Cognition 303

Released: 15 November 2022

Compilation - Furchick Throws a Curveball

Compilation - Furchick Throws a Curveball

Released: October 13, 2021

Dylan Beast - How Long

Dylan Beast - How Long

Released: 4 October 2022

Ming - Addiction EP

Ming - Addiction EP

Released: 16 July 2021

Recent News

  • Times Of The Sines featured on Clan Analogue Compilation

    Clan Analogue celebrate 30 Years and the TB-303!
    Two events, from 40 years ago and 30 years ago, seemingly unrelated yet completely intertwined, are celebrated in Clan Analogue’s newest compilation release Cognition 303: Bassline Deviations.

    In 1982 Roland released a new bass sequencer and synthesizer which manifestly failed in its intended purpose – to replace the bass player.
    In 1992 Brendan Palmer and Toby Grime had a chance meeting on a train platform in Sydney, bonding over their shared love of obsolete electronic music instruments, and decided to form an electronic music artists’ collective.
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  • Times Of The Sines featured in Compilation

    Times Of The Sines is proud to be involved with this little project with Dogpark Records

    Collaborative Project by Furchick - Furchick provided a range of recordings to the participating artists to create music.

    Sounds included the neighbour's party, helicopter, drums, ding dongs, bass on keys, organ, kids workshops and a squeaky dog toy.
    Read more

  • Snake Skin Jacket Music Video

    Jamie has been punishing the video editor again, with a video for Snake Skin Jacket. This song will be available soon on the various music stores, so stay tuned. In the meantime, get grooving to the video.

    Photosensitivity Warning: Lots of flashing and strobing
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  • Times of The Sines remixes The Bells by Ming One

    Through Clan Analogue, Times Of The Sines has remixed Ming's The Bells, for his latest Addiction EP. Times Of The Sines reimagined this IDM track with an electro breakbeat.
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  • The First Sign Album Cover

    Times of The Sines - The First Sign Released

    Times of The Sines is proud to release their latest track "The First Sign". This track represents a new era of Times of The Sines and is the first live track that we've taken back to the studio for some intensive recording work.
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