In Translation

Released: ~2003

One of our first foray's into the more mellow side of electronic music. In Translation was a live performance at Perth's legendary Hyde Park Hotel. This was performed solely on a Kurzweil K2600, with the audio samples streaming from a CD through Live Mode (a special mode on the K2600 that let's you mess with a live sample buffer).

No computers were used at all for this performance.

Track Track Length
Riddles In Noise 3:44
Lost En Route 2:18
Coming Back Home 5:20
Spanish Islands 3:44
Beautiful Places 2:50
Barcelona 6:48
Festival Del La Sol 5:20
Voices of Fallen Angels 2:40
Descent 3:01
Riddles In Noise (Reprise) 2:08
En Route (Reprise In The Rough) 4:58
Coming Home Again 5:06
Spanish Islands To Sleep 3:53