The KSP8 is Kurzweil's multi channel multi effects processor.  The unit features a wide arrange of reverbs, delays, phasers, flangers, chorus, compressors, distortion and a wide range of aesoteric effects like shapers, Lazerverbs(R), and others.

The files here are a selection of algorithms, presets, chains and studios that I have used and programmed in my own productions.  There are very few resources for KSP8 objects for this powerful effects processor, so I am sharing my presets to inspire others to do the same.

KSP8 Software

We've also built a remote control plugin for the KSP8 to allow you to control the box from your DAW, and to save your back from crouching over the rack, if you don't have an RSP8.

It's in our software section, or just click the link here.

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KSP8 Videos