mLAN Resources

This page links to various resources to help you with the installation of mLAN. Please note that many of these links are dead.  You may be able to find the pages archived at  This page is maintained to provide some guidance to future users of mLAN equipment trying to get this working on older systems.

Currently the best resource I've found is Happy Harry and the associated Facebook group 


* FAQ 

* Setup Guides 

* Firewire Card List 

* mLAN Central Technical Document 

* mLAN Central Drivers

* Guide for setting up 01x in Cubase

* Guide for setting up 01x in Sonar

* Firestation Step by Step setup guide by tenorsaxman11

* mLAN under Windows 7. Thanks to Snanto. - no longer available

* Linux Driver, including source code

The latest driver version is 1.6.3

Uninstalling Drivers

You must ensure that you uninstall old drivers before updating. If the uninstall program doesn't work, first ensure that you have deselected mLAN as window's default soundcard and try the uninstall tool again. If it still won't uninstall, then you will need to try the Fukuri Method.

If you STILL have problems uninstalling, then perhaps try the steps documented in this thread at (no longer available)

An alternative method is documented on

The Installation Guide provided with V1.5.5 drivers is a very good reference. Follow it closely and you should have no problems.


* Check this thread at - no longer available.

Some other things to check

* Have you turned off firewire networking?

* Have you turned off wireless LAN?

* If you have XP Service Pack 2 installed, have you done the Firewire Registry Fix? Users with XP SP3 may also need to install the following hotfix -, if you have upgraded from SP2.

* Also, some users of XP Service Pack 2 need to install this patch

* Do you have an approved firewire card

* Check this thread to isolate hardware conflicts on your PC. No longer available