Times of The Sines - Golden Door released through Lightarmour Editions

Time of the Sines are a collective with members based in Newcastle and Perth and bound together by an obsession for exhilarating beat-driven electronica. Their post-dance post-acid sound bares the DNA of too many genres to mention, but dropping artist names such as Moderat / Chemical Brothers / Fluke / The Crystal Method / FSOL etc wouldn’t do any harm; neither would it do any harm to cite a type of futurist psychedelia that permeates their music and musings.

"Golden Door” is an 8-minute epic featured on the upcoming Lightarmour Editions compilation - Scattered Illuminoids (Vinyl / CD / Digital), and is a reworking of a classic track from the outfit that spawned Time Of The Sines; Sensory Overload.

Under the name X.lanDer, Time of the Sines has previously appeared on Lightarmour Editions via the compilation “Unholy Kings On A Black Horizon”. Check it out here: https://jackmorph.bandcamp.com/album/unholy-kings-on-a-black-horizon"

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