Music has been a cornerstone of Godlike Productions since it's inception in 1995. Originally formed as a centralized organizational structure for the musical, video and performance art of the owner, Godlike Productions still holds true to this central purpose, however things have expanded and morphed a little over time.

While artists and collaborators have come and gone over the years, the current staple of acts are: Time of The Sines with banging live techno/trance, LD 120 who produce up tempo, hard edged electronic dance music, The X Lander with their genre bending headtronica and LOST who focus on ambient bliss.

Hailing from Perth, Western Australia, Jason Fewings and Jamie Side are both musicians who's musical training started in primary school and has been pursued with a passion ever since. Both multi-instrumentalists immersed themselves in the early Perth techno and industrial scenes and have never looked back.

Please feel free to listen, download and enjoy the music. Most of it is free, some of it has video's.

Latest Tracks