Liquid Tension Lead

One of the legendary sounds of the K2600 was the Liquid T Lead which was included in the Best of VAST program set, and programmed by Jordan Rudess.

Numerous PC3 users requested this program be transferred over to the new platform from the K2600.


What's New? - Mig has done some work on the Liquid Tension Lead and a new version can be found below.

The thread outlining the development of this sound for the PC3 can be found at Mastering VAST Forum. Numerous people helped out with this sound including Cowzar, SVG, Plisken and The Chuck.

The majority of the VAST programming for this patch was done by SVG and I tweaked SVG's patch and added effects to produce this PC3 patch.

Please note that as of PC3 OS 1.31.9872 it is not possible to perfectly replicate the original sound due to differences in the operating system (most notably the absence of one of the keymaps and FX blocks), though we got pretty damn close.

A PDF document is included with this patch outlining the controls, with the first link below.

The second link includes updates to the sound kindly provided by Mig.