Uwatec Memo Mouse with Windows 10

This is an old piece of hardware for logging dives from Uwatec dive computers such as the Alladin Pro.  The software was originally developed for DOS and then later for Windows.

The good news is that the Windows software still works, even on Windows 10.

Datatrak is available here - https://www.scubapro.com/software-firmware

I used a Comsol USB to Serial Cable (pictured to the right)

It installs automatically.  I changed the assignment from COM9 to COM1 in Device Manager (you need admin access).  Open Ports, select the COM Port and then Port settings and advanced.

The trick to making it work is you need to start the transfer in the software and then on the dive computer open the logbook and browse to the first entry.  That will initiate the transfer.  Both DataTalk and DataTrak work and the dives download perfectly.

Happy Diving