Welcome to the Godlike Productions Website.
This site features the official web presence of Time of The Sines, LD 120, Cephlon, The X Lander and LOST, Perth electronic bands, and also the services that can be provided by Godlike Production for your own production, mixing, mastering or live sound.

It is also the home to the Mastering Vast forum for Kurzweil synthesizer support and a bunch of other useful stuff.

Using Our Services

We have a good selection of high quality gear, and we are happy to work directly with you, or via services such as The Audio Hunt.  We are actively looking at new ways to provide services to our clients.

Latest News

  • Jupiter 8 Morph Released

    Roland, Jupiter 8, Morph, VST, AU, Plugin
    OK, we've finally released the Jupiter 8 Morph Plugin. This is the software I've been working on for the better part of a year. This is a controller for the hardware Roland Jupiter 8. I'm pretty proud of what I've been able to achieve here, from a synth released in 1981 that didn't have MIDI.
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  • The First Sign Album Cover

    Times of The Sines - The First Sign Released

    Times of The Sines is proud to release their latest track "The First Sign". This track represents a new era of Times of The Sines and is the first live track that we've taken back to the studio for some intensive recording work.
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  • Tutorial 13 - Forte and Deluge

    In this tutorial we introduce the Forte and the Deluge to each other and quickly run through some of the features of each device that makes this such a great partnership.
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  • Mikro Tutorial #10 Released

    We build a patch that morphs between oscillators and filters
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  • Times of The Sines - Golden Door released through Lightarmour Editions

    Time of the Sines are a collective with members based in Newcastle and Perth and bound together by an obsession for exhilarating beat-driven electronica. Their post-dance post-acid sound bares the DNA of too many genres to mention, but dropping artist names such as Moderat / Chemical Brothers / Fluke / The Crystal Method / FSOL etc wouldn’t do any harm; neither would it do any harm to cite a type of futurist psychedelia that permeates their music and musings.
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