Welcome to the Godlike Productions Website.
This site features the official web presence of Time of The Sines, LD 120, Cephlon, The X Lander and LOST, Perth electronic bands, and also the services that can be provided by Godlike Production for your own production, mixing, mastering or live sound.

It is also the home to the Mastering Vast forum for Kurzweil synthesizer support and a bunch of other useful stuff.

Using Our Services

We have a good selection of high quality gear, and we are happy to work directly with you, or via services such as The Audio Hunt.  We are actively looking at new ways to provide services to our clients.

Latest News

  • LOST feat Monique Simone releases Lost In The Game

    Godlike Productions and LOST are proud to announce the release of their latest single Lost In The Game. This is a collaboration with Melbourne based soprano Monique Simone, and was an honorable mention in the 2021 Collaborative Music Competition.
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  • Jupiter 8 Morph Updated

    Roland, Jupiter 8, Morph, VST, AU, Plugin
    Version 1.3 of Jupiter 8 Morph is now available. There have been extensive bug fixes, especially with the librarian, and a few enhancements. The plugin is available for $79 now.
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  • Times Of The Sines featured in Compilation

    Times Of The Sines is proud to be involved with this little project with Dogpark Records

    Collaborative Project by Furchick - Furchick provided a range of recordings to the participating artists to create music.

    Sounds included the neighbour's party, helicopter, drums, ding dongs, bass on keys, organ, kids workshops and a squeaky dog toy.
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  • Snake Skin Jacket Music Video

    Jamie has been punishing the video editor again, with a video for Snake Skin Jacket. This song will be available soon on the various music stores, so stay tuned. In the meantime, get grooving to the video.

    Photosensitivity Warning: Lots of flashing and strobing
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  • Times of The Sines remixes The Bells by Ming One

    Through Clan Analogue, Times Of The Sines has remixed Ming's The Bells, for his latest Addiction EP. Times Of The Sines reimagined this IDM track with an electro breakbeat.
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