Welcome to the Godlike Productions Website.
This site features the official web presence of Time of The Sines, LD 120, Cephlon, The X Lander and LOST, Perth electronic bands, and also the services that can be provided by Godlike Production for your own production, mixing, mastering or live sound.

It is also the home to the Mastering Vast forum for Kurzweil synthesizer support and a bunch of other useful stuff.

Using Our Services

We have a good selection of high quality gear, and we are happy to work directly with you, or via services such as The Audio Hunt.  We are actively looking at new ways to provide services to our clients.

Latest News

  • Kurzweil RSP8 Studio Connections Module Released

    Kurzweil, RSP8
    Yeah, we know Studio Connections is no longer supported by Yamaha, but it still works, and it's still a great way to take a snapshot of your studio. We've added a GTRC Module to capture and sync your RSP8 configuration.
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  • Time of the Sines Joins Lightarmour Editions

    Time of the Sines, and the other Godlike Productions artists are proud to join Lightarmour Editions, who will be releasing and distributing some future releases of the band. We are among some pretty amazing talent and we are looking forward to this new creative challenge.
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  • LD 120 - Melt Through The Mobius of Time Video

    Some new eye candy from the imagination of James X, along with one of our unreleased tracks.
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  • Mikro Tutorial #9 Released

    In this tutorial we go through the process of doing an OS upgrade of the PC3.
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  • Time of the Sines Man v Machine Released

    Time of the Sines is now live on all of the major online music stores, and have released one of our earliest tracks, Man v Machine. This version of Man v Machine is from our very first live gig. We are very excited to finally bring Time of the Sines recordings out to the public, and have some pretty big things planned for the near future.
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