Jupiter 8 and TR909 through a H9000

The legendary Jupiter 8 and TR 909 are run through the effects powerhouse that is the Eventide H9000 as we explore some of the FX chains and algorithms in the H9000.

I tweak things as I go through reverbs, delays, distortions, flangers, phasers and some completely off the wall mayhem that the H9000 can produce.

The configuration for the recording is the Jupiter 8 and TR 909 come directly into a RME UFX.  The Jupiter is patched to the H9000 on Insert 1 and the TR909 onto Insert 2, both over ADAT return or an RME Babyface.  The UFX is the masterclock, with sync acheived by wordclock.

The Jupiter 8 is fitted with an Encore Electronics MIDI interface, and controlled by our own Jupiter 8 Morph plugin.  A few of the parameters are automated using LFO's from Ableton.

Quite repetitive patterns are used so we can hear the impact of the H9000.

Some compression is used in Vegas just to reduce dynamic range, but it's quite transparent.

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