About Us

Godlike Productions is a business based in Perth, Western Australia owned by Jason Fewings. Primarily we specialize in music production, mixing, recording, mastering and sound design, however we support a wide range of technical services, from Windows Server administration, web site design and authoring, typo3 support, authoring product and synthesizer manuals, video and written tutorials as well as some specialized application programming.

We have a thorough understanding of synthesis, effects, MIDI, SYSEX and a whole bunch of technical and geeky stuff.

My qualifications are mainly science related (Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours in Minerals Science, Chemistry and Process Control), however I have studied music (Piano, Guitar and Bass) from a young age.  Electronic music production has been learnt through 20 years of trial and error, careful listening and attention to the most amazing array of tutors and music professionals you could hope for.