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  • Times of The Sines remixes The Bells by Ming One

    Through Clan Analogue, Times Of The Sines has remixed Ming's The Bells, for his latest Addiction EP. Times Of The Sines reimagined this IDM track with an electro breakbeat.
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  • Jupiter 8 Morph Released

    Roland, Jupiter 8, Morph, VST, AU, Plugin
    OK, we've finally released the Jupiter 8 Morph Plugin. This is the software I've been working on for the better part of a year. This is a controller for the hardware Roland Jupiter 8. I'm pretty proud of what I've been able to achieve here, from a synth released in 1981 that didn't have MIDI.
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  • The First Sign Album Cover

    Times of The Sines - The First Sign Released

    Times of The Sines is proud to release their latest track "The First Sign". This track represents a new era of Times of The Sines and is the first live track that we've taken back to the studio for some intensive recording work.
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  • Tutorial 13 - Forte and Deluge

    In this tutorial we introduce the Forte and the Deluge to each other and quickly run through some of the features of each device that makes this such a great partnership.
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  • Mikro Tutorial #10 Released

    We build a patch that morphs between oscillators and filters
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  • Times of The Sines - Golden Door released through Lightarmour Editions

    Time of the Sines are a collective with members based in Newcastle and Perth and bound together by an obsession for exhilarating beat-driven electronica. Their post-dance post-acid sound bares the DNA of too many genres to mention, but dropping artist names such as Moderat / Chemical Brothers / Fluke / The Crystal Method / FSOL etc wouldn’t do any harm; neither would it do any harm to cite a type of futurist psychedelia that permeates their music and musings.
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  • Kurzweil RSP8 Studio Connections Module Released

    Kurzweil, RSP8
    Yeah, we know Studio Connections is no longer supported by Yamaha, but it still works, and it's still a great way to take a snapshot of your studio. We've added a GTRC Module to capture and sync your RSP8 configuration.
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  • Times of the Sines Joins Lightarmour Editions

    Time of the Sines, and the other Godlike Productions artists are proud to join Lightarmour Editions, who will be releasing and distributing some future releases of the band. We are among some pretty amazing talent and we are looking forward to this new creative challenge.
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  • LD 120 - Melt Through The Mobius of Time Video

    Some new eye candy from the imagination of James X, along with one of our unreleased tracks.
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  • Mikro Tutorial #9 Released

    In this tutorial we go through the process of doing an OS upgrade of the PC3.
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  • Times of the Sines Man v Machine Released

    Time of the Sines is now live on all of the major online music stores, and have released one of our earliest tracks, Man v Machine. This version of Man v Machine is from our very first live gig. We are very excited to finally bring Time of the Sines recordings out to the public, and have some pretty big things planned for the near future.
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  • The X Lander - Waiting In The Wings

    The X Lander's Waiting in the Wings is now available at all of the regular stores. A work of several years, this album is a music producers album.
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  • Times of the Sines - Pulsecodes Video

    A brand new video and remix from Times of the Sines
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  • LOST Performs at Noisemachine Virtual Gig

    LOST put the Deluge and Dark Heaven through it's paces to drum up a live little track for Noizemachine
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  • Mikro Tutorial #8 Released

    This time we look at cascading layers through a filter on the PC3, Forte and PC4. This is a little more of an advanced tutorial, but opens up so many possibilities.
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  • Mikro Tutorial #7 Released

    A short tutorial to show one method of applying random tuning variation on each note using the Kurzweil PC3.
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  • Mikro Tutorial #6 Released

    A quick tutorial on the Envelopes available in the PC3 and other Kurzweil synths.
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  • Mikro Tutorial #5 Released

    A brief tutorial on how to add EQ to a patch on the PC3. Also applicable to the PC4 and the Forte.
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  • Mikro Tutorial #4 Released

    We learn how to add vibrato to a sound in this quick tutorial.
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  • LOST releases Shattered

    Godlike Productions and LOST are proud to announce the release of their latest single Shattered. Written as part of the Weekly Beats challenge to produce a track each week, this song explores feelings of irrelevance and worthlessness through relationships.
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  • Times of the Sines - Live at Psychedelicious

    Time of the Sines got their doof sticks out, rolled in the dust and hooked up to some Funktion One's out in the Perth Bush for a bit of live Techno action.
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  • Times of the Sines - Live at Good Shepherd

    Time of the Sines, got the rig out for a keen crowd at The Good Shepherd, here in Perth, Western Australia.
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  • Times of the Sines - Live at The Artifactory

    Dr Vellocet, for some strange reason, let Time of the Sines loose on the crowd of the Artifactory. Much fun and mayhem was had by all, but especially us.
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  • Mikro Tutorial #3 Released

    In this Mikro Tutorial we learn how to program a ping pong delay for Kurzweil series instruments.
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  • Mikro Tutorial #2 Released

    The second Mikro tutorial has been released to the public. Forum subscribers are up to Mikro Tutorial #22, so to get up to date, click the forums link above and subscribe.
    In other news, the links for the PC3 Envelope Controller have been updated. Apologies to those of you who couldn't download them. Finally, we are working on new software at the moment to allow import of names from Kurzweil syths into your DAW, for simple program selection and control. More details soon.
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  • Mikro Tutorial #1 Released

    We've been very busy of late working on content for our forums, including a lot of video tutorials that are available to paid subscribers. The first of these video's is below, to show the sort of things that we are covering in this new video series.
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  • PWP3 - PWM

    The Puppeteer looks at the various Pulse Width Modulation options available on the Kurzweil PC3, creating a patch with each of the different oscillators available.
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  • Tutorial 11 - Live Mode

    In this tutorial we demonstrate Live Mode (where a live signal is treated by the K2600) and examine both utilizing this mode to use the K2600 as an FX unit, and also some more creative uses for Live Mode.
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  • PWP2 - Pads

    Chilling with The Puppeteer, as we program a pad sound.
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  • PWP1 - Virtual Analog

    We create a virtual analog program on the PC3.  We cover the following: Shaped Saw, 2 Pole Hipass, Mogue Filter, Cascade, AMPENV, ENVCTL, Functions, Layer Effects, Sample & Hold, Delay, Reverb, Kaos! Distortion, Compressor.
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  • Tutorial 10 - Wrap

    The Puppeteer describes the Wrap function and some creative and useful ways to use it.  The Wrap function is more than just a noise generator.
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  • Tutorial 9 - MIDI Sync 2

    We quickly cover the settings required to sync a Kurzweil PC3 to an Akai MPC2000XL

    2:46 Akai MPC Settings
    5:01 Kurzweil PC3 Song Mode Settings
    8:52 Kurzweil PC3 Setup Mode Common Page Settings
    9:52 Syncing PC3 Riffs
    13:46 Syncing PC3 Arpeggios
    18:45 Wrapping Up
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  • Tutorial 8 - Arps

    The Puppeteer takes a close look at the PC3's arpeggiators.
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  • Tutorial 7 - Riffs

    In Part 1, The Puppeteer demonstrates how to use song mode to create a Riff.

    In Part 2, We look at how to assign the riff within the setup editor  to each of the zones.

    In Part 3, The final part of the riffs tutorial, where we assign controllers and triggers to start and stop the various riffs.
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  • Tutorial 4 - Controllers

    We discover how to assign controllers such as LFO and Envelopes to modulate the pitch and filter cutoff of a sound in a similar way that you can with standard subtractive synths, like the Jupiter 8.  We take a quick tour of the program edit interface.  This tutorial is aimed at new Kurzweil Users - Captured Live on Ustream at
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  • Tutorial 3 - Envelopes

    We take an in depth look at envelopes on the Kurzweil PC3, discuss differences with the K-series, and learn the real time control options for the PC3 via the ENVCTL page.  A few tricks we learn is how to turn an Envelope into an LFO, how to have multiple controllable envelopes using cascade mode and we quickly look at the other envelopes available on the PC3 - Captured Live on Ustream at
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  • Tutorial 2 - Effects

    Recorded on 4/10/2012 - We take an in depth look at the effects architecture of the Kurzweil PC3, K2600 and the KSP8, wtih the objective of making it easier for you to find your way around and get the programming results that you want. - Captured Live on Ustream at
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  • Tutorial 6 - FUNS

    We give an overview of FUNS in this tutorial.  What they are, how to use them, their structure and cover a few simple, but common usage examples. - Captured Live on Ustream at
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  • Tutorial 1 - PC3 101

    An overview of the modes for the PC3 and the object heirarchy presented by The Puppeteer.
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