Jupiter 8 Morph

All panel sliders, knobs and buttons are controllable in real time. The VST features advanced patch management and supports import of SYSEX dumps, import of patches from the synth, and management of patches within the Jupiter's memory.

Currently the plugin is still in development, but it will feature the ability to continuously morph between patches in real time. All of the Jupiter's front panel controls (except some items on the bender panel) will be mappable to hardware controllers through your DAW software.

    v1.4.05 Now Released

    Version 1.4 is now released

    • COSMETIC - Refresh button resource missing in Windows VST2 - fixed
    • CRITICAL - Plugin and application can crash in Windows VST2 during file saving operation.  Fixed.
      • This is due to an update in ctrlr and a change in the file writing function.  An empty file is written, and ctrlr crashes when it attempts to write data to it.
      • For the time being, try to avoid saving files.  I'll try to get an update out this week that fixes this issue. 
      • This likely affects all versions of the plugin and appeared when I tried to standardize the build environment between mac and pc.
    • CRITICAL - Moving patches from Jupiter to Clipboard and then clicking on clipboard listbox causes a crash. - Fixed
    • COSMETIC - Export to SYSEX Icon only visible every second click - fixed
    • BUG - Upper and Lower Buttons don't always work, and sometimes Upper and Lower voices change together - Fixed. Ensure that Upper Part is set to channel 1 (Manual tap -> 4, set to 1) and Lower Part is set to channel 1 (Manual tap -> 3, set to 2).
    • ENHANCEMENT - MIDI, Filepaths and Control Method to be saved into value tree, so will be remembered between sessions. - Complete.  Control method not yet saved.  I'll try to sort this out in next revision. It's tricky.
    • ENHANCEMENT - VST3 Author and plugin name is wrong. - fixed
    • Experimental - Menu can be toggled open and closed.  We may remove this option in the future, it's not exactly standard for VST's, but maybe useful for Standalone programs.

    Version 1 (Released)


    • Librarian with comprehensive patch management
    • Import and Export of Library
    • Import and Export of SYSEX Files
    • Naming, Category and Author for patches, both on the JP8 (won't display JP8's screen) and in the plugin
    • Automatic state saving of the plugin
    • Jupiter 8 style GUI
    • Load and recall patches from any location on the JP8
    • Save Buffer directly to patch location on JP8
    • Basic Morph Functionality.
    • Capture Morph State to a patch.
    • Latest Version 1.3.

    Version 2 ( work starting July 2022)

    All Version 1 Features, plus:

    • Ability to freeze parameters from morphing
    • GUI Update (to support displaying start and end Morph Nodes next to relevant controls)
    • Limited support for Kenton MIDI Retrofit (8 Real Time Controls Only)
    • Limited support for Groove Electronics MIDI Retrofit (24 Real Time Controls and Patch Management)
    • Conversion between Encore and Groove Electronics Patch Dumps (to be confirmed)
    • Import and Export Morph Files
    • Support for Acme new CPU board (with 4 banks) - subject to developer.

    User Interface