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Bravo Soundset for Kurzweil PC3

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Following on from the Apache soundset, produced by Cunka, Bravo reworks a number of patches from the original Apache soundset and weaves in a blend of cutting edge original sounds, and some old favourites. Bravo consists of 50 sounds encompassing sound effects, experimental, analog emulations and speaker warping electronic leads, basses and pads.

Bravo will be emailed to the address supplied as a zip file. The zip file includes the PC3 file, as well as the documentation in PDF format.

If you have not received Bravo 48 hours after you have placed your order, please Contact Us.

Buy Bravo Now!

You can purchase Bravo now using Paypal or your credit card for $19.95 (AUD). Please enter the email address that you would like Bravo delivered to. This email address will be your "registration email" that you will need to quote to take advantage of special offers in the future. We will not use your details for any purpose other than delivering the product to you, and alerting you to special loyalty offers in the future (such as upgrades to Bravo or discounts on other soundsets) You can view our privacy policy here.

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