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Music Quest (Opcode) 8PortSE

The 8PortSE is a MIDI interface designed for Windows that uses parallel port for communication with the computer.  It is a versatile MIDI Patchbay/SMPTE sync device that supports 8 MIDI Ports (both In and Out).

It is renowned for low jitter and low latency and through the extraordinary work of developers such as Earth Vega Connection, drivers are available that work for all versions of windows up to Windows 10.  Not bad for a device that was originally designed for DOS and Windows 3.1.

Below are all drivers I have been able to find for this device, going back to the original floppy that shipped with the unit, through Windows NT, XP, 7 and 10, as well as the original manual.

The latest driver is a recertification of the Windows 7 driver created by Earth Vega Connection, and was undertaken as a community project through https://www.gearslutz.com/board/music-computers/950166-8port-se-earthvega-directmusic-driver-revival.html

We have not been able to find the manual or drivers on the web through either the original manufacturer (Music Quest, who was acquired by Opcode, who was subsequently acquired by Gibson), and we provide those manuals and drivers here as a service to users who still wish to use this device. If you are the copyright holder of any of the material available from this page, please contact us, to either formally grant permission for us to provide these materials, or let us know where you are hosting the original files so that we can replace the download with a link to your page.

We thank Earth Vega Connection for permission to recertify their driver and make it available to the public. To obtain the recertified driver, a small fee is payable to offset the costs incurred in purchasing the certificate, and this driver may be ordered here in the near future.

All other drivers and manuals are provided free of charge