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Kurzweil Video Tutorials

We've been doing tutorials on Kurzweil K series and PC3 series synths for over a decade now. Many of these were originally text based and most can be found over at the forums. Times change, and more recently we've moved across to live streaming our tutorials.  This is great both for us (because it actually takes less time to do a video tutorial than a text one) and for you (because you get to watch, hear and ask questions as we go along).

All the tutorials to date can be found here.

Programming With The Puppeteer

Programming With The Puppeteer (PWP) is a series of more informal video's where I just program a bunch of sounds based on a theme. These take you through my methodology of programming Kurzweil's and cover a lot of advanced aspects. It's still interactive, and I try to answer questions as they come up on the chat.

These video's have no set agenda or preparation.

MiKro Tutorials

The MiKro tutorials are short, single subject tutorials that are available only for paid subscribers to the forums.  Most of the tutorials are subscriber requests.

The first MiKro tutorial is below.