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LD 120 Albums

The following LD 120 albums have been released



Atlas My Mark

Consume Cover

Consume (Limited Edition)

Consume was released as a product for Supamart, a Western Australian arts project.  Each Consume CD is numbered, and was shipped in a meat pack, with a T-Shirt.

Only 20 of these CD's and T-Shirts were ever produced, and each CD is numbered.

Wise Words Cover

Fresh from the Adelaide Fringe Festival LD 120 released Wise Words that featured a mixture of disturbing ambient, hard edged industrial and soaring strings.  As a bonus there is a 22 minute recording of the live audio from LD 120's Fringe Festival show at Anandamide.

Slowdive Cover

Slowdive - The Demo (1999)

Featuring a variety of tracks from LD 120 across some diverse genre's, Slowdive was released as a demo of LD 120's music and was sent to various radio stations.

Citadel of Fear Cover

Citadel of Fear (Live) (1999)

The Citadel of Fear is a live studio jam using Rebirth.  This was a self released album, and there's only a few left in the wild.

The Mall Cover

This is the first release of LD 120.  A very small run of self made CD's was produced in 1996 to coincide with the first EMAS gig ever.  The band has no copy of this EP, and has lost the masters of one of the tracks, so if you have a copy, we'll pay to get it back...


LD 120 has been featured on the following compilations

Semikazi Cover

Semikazi Compilation 2 (2004)

Semikazi was an arts collective in Western Australia with a wide variety of audio and visual artists.  LD 120 and LOST worked together to produce the track Minimal Start, which features on this eclectic compilation. Godlike Productions also mastered this compilation.

Who Likes Fashion Cover

So Who Likes Fashion Anyway (2001)

LD 120 is featured in this local electronic music release that was used as a fund raiser for a the Perth Tafe Fashion Show. The track "Forest Walk" was LD 120's contribution to this great compilation.