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Requiem Roller

Requiem Roller is a Windows Phone, and Windows App used for dice rolling tests for White Wolf games, such as Requiem, Werewolf, Mage and Changeling.

You select the number of dice you require using the slider in the middle of the screen.

Below that are a row of buttons to modify the roll types.

The first button "-1 NoA!" removes a success for each 1 that you roll, and there are no "again" rolls.

The second button NoA! is the standard roll button. You get a success for any 8, 9 or 10, no rerolls and no penaties for 1's.

The last 3 buttons give rerolls for 10's, 9 & 10's, and 8, 9 & 10's respectively.

Hit the Roll! button to make the roll. All the dice rolls are displayed in the top box, with the number of successes and re-rolls calculated immediately below.

The chance roll button makes a simple single dice roll.

This app is available for free from the Windows Store.

Requiem Roller Screenshot
Requiem Roller Screenshot

Known Bugs

If a lot of dice are selected, with re-rolls, it is possible for the number of dice to escape the dice display area and overwrite the buttons and result.  This will be fixed in a future release, but requires a significant re-write of all elements of the gui.
Workaround: if the number of successes is illegible, the number of yellow dice will need to be counted.  In this case, you probably had a good roll - well done.