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Jupiter 8 Morph

Jupiter 8 Morph is a VST/AU/Standalone plugin that allows for advanced control of a Roland Jupiter 8 fitted with an Encore Electronics MIDI Interface (we are talking the original beast from 1983, not the boutique range released in 2017).

All panel sliders, knobs and buttons are controllable in real time. The VST features advanced patch management and supports import of SYSEX dumps, import of patches from the synth, and management of patches within the Jupiter's memory.

Currently the plugin is still in development, but it will feature the ability to continuously morph between patches in real time. All of the Jupiter's front panel controls (except some items on the bender panel) will be mappable to hardware controllers through your DAW software.

The plugin will be available around Xmas 2018, and will be reasonably priced. A demo version will be available with a limited range of editing, to test operation of your Jupiter 8.


  • Started work on modifying the GUI to look like a JP8 panel.  Lots of work on layout still to be done
  • Patch naming implemented, including renaming of multiple items
  • Data structure decided.  Program data will be saved as JP8 compatible SYSEX, with simple text lists for program name, author and category. This will allow easy off line modifications, and provides data redundancy.
  • Some backend utility functions completed (generic listbox and table management functions)

To Do (next round)

  • Roll out patch naming to Jupiter 8 list and librarian list
  • Implement patch copying between the lists
  • Implement dump to and from patch locations on Jupiter 8
  • Implement bulk dumps to and from patch locations on Jupiter 8
  • File export and import

To Do (future)

  • Decide on data structure for plugin "morphs".  Needs to include start and end snapshots, current position, patch names and morph name.
  • Capture snapshots to morph end points
  • Capture snapshot to library with optional naming
  • GUI layout
  • Implement Morph functionality

Alpha Build 25 Screenshots

Panel Screen
Panel Screen
Patch Screen
Patch Screen